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About The RAJ Festival - #RAJisRising!

Rickie Byars Beckwith knows a lot about the healing power of Music and the Arts and her vision of creating a slam-dunk soulful sustainable transformational festival came through and true in October 2013 at the Inaugural Rhythm and Joy Festival.

The RAJ festival is a vision to expand the impact of Music and the Arts as a catalyst for transforming our lives and our way of living.

RAJ is Rising!

Rhythm and Joy festival launched Oct. 4 -6, 2013 in Simi Valley, CA. Visionary and founder of the RAJ Festival is Rickie Byars Beckwith who worked with a team of very brilliant folks to create an inclusive, intergenerational, and family friendly music and arts festival. In the words of Rickie BB, "We left a low carbon footprint with no plastic bottles but with free filtered alkaline water instead; vegan and vegetarian food, nutritionists, healers, wisdom teachers and extraordinary music that crossed boundaries of all kinds. The festival sought to give voice to artists & facilitators who are overlooked for festivals or who just don't know how to "get in." And children as well as elders are included in our design.

For three days many camped, or visited a beautiful place where they could feel the majesty of the Earth, Sun and Moon. We listened to great poets and then became like a poem of how beautiful it is to live in peace on the most beautiful planet in the Universe. We now continue with smaller gatherings that we call RAJMAHALS! We revisit what it means to love and care for each other and we dance because we know in the soul that celebration is what it is all about.

We celebrate the best in us and learn how to release that which no longer serves us. We change the world with our art and music because we change ourselves.

Our theme this year; RAJ is RISING!"

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Friday morning the with winds breaking at 70miles per hour, Rickie BB wondered about a LOT of things as she peered through the window of the sweet cottage that would be hers for the next three days.

Most likely, the folks who camped out the night before were wondering too!!! But the festival had to go on, even with a tough opening act of tumbleweeds and strong gusts of wind.

We were off to a dynamically interesting start...

Friday Recap


Saturday will be remembered by many as a remarkable day we spent under the sun with great conversations about the most amazing things that can happen when we let go.

Check out the full recap, view the full lineup plus Photos and videos & add yours by tagging them #RAJSaturday

Saturday Recap


The folks who could stay to the end were truly blessed by it.

Something special happened at RAJ13. Through winds, chaos, emotions and scheduling confusion... a community emerged because we held the space for greatness to happen and it did... it truly did.

Thanks to all for the part that you delivered to the success of our first year. RAJ On!

Sunday Recap


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